Would You Experiment With Your Brain?

While many people would be up to a little bit of experimentation on their body, the situation is very different when it comes to serious experimentation on the brain, certainly the most sensitive part of our body.

The technique that uses electrical stimulation to enhance the activity of some brain regions has started to become very popular. People can order it on the internet, and it looks like a lot of curious users take the chance and buy such devices.

Tyga May Leave Cash Money Records Too?

It's been a wild and crazy 24 hours for Lil' Wayne, who has publicly aired out some dirty laundry about the Cash Money Record label. Lil' Wayne is very upset that his album has no release date now, after confirming that December 9, 2014 was going to be the official release date. Tyga & Cash Money. Not only is Lil', Wayne furious about the blockage of his album release, he's also considering leaving Cash Money Records. The artist took to Twitter to vent his rage about the problems he's having with the label.

Study of 409 Pairs of Gay Twins Concludes Secxual Orientation is Genetic

In a study largest set of test subjects, researches at NorthShore Research Institute in Evansville, Illinois, have found more evidence that sexual orientation is influenced by a genetic component. Studying 409 sets of twins that identified themselves as gay, researches studied areas on the X chromosome known as Xq28 and an area located in the twist in the center of chromosome 8 known as 8q12.

Not all Women are Allowed to Wear the Title Feminist

Recently, a women’s activism group called the Fawcett Society had T-shirts made in favor of feminism. These T-shirts sold for $72 and were supposedly made by a legitimate company in the UK. After some investigation by a British newspaper, it was discovered that they were made by women in a sweat shop in Mauritius.

School Children in Germany Communicating With Nazi Gestures

We are fortunate to live in a time where Nazis are considered a thing of the past. Jewish people and those who do not fit the ideal Nazi profile are safe from those horrible discriminations and the genocide that ensued during World War II. Unfortunately, in some pockets of the world, Nazism still lurks. I've been telling Sam Tabar this for years now. Apparently, this is true even with some young people in schools.


Batman vs. Superman Teaser Trailer Coming Soon?

When DC announced their comic book movie plans for the next few years, a lot of excitement built up among their fan base. Marvel has been taking center stage with their universe themed movies in the last few years, but DC looks ready to take on that mantle and run with it. They have schedule Justice League and Suicide Squad movies, along with standalone movies for Wonder Woman, The Flash, and iconic heroes Batman and Superman.

Why You Shouldn't Worry About Catching Ebola From A Bowling Ball

Ebola has been all over the headlines this week, inspiring fear in normally level-headed people. The latest turn in the story is that a Craig Spencer, an American doctor who is currently infected with the disease, went bowling in Brooklyn, New York, on Wednesday evening.

If the regular germs at bowling alleys weren't enough to make people nervous, "Ebola germs" in the bowling balls and shoes are sure to make people think twice about heading out to the local bowling alley.

CDC Response Team, Not Just For Ebola

CDC Director, Tom Frieden, has announced the creation of a CDC Outbreak Response Team. According to the CDC.gov website, the team would be available to respond to any hospital in the United States with a confirmed Ebola case. The goal being to ensure rapid response, promote comprehensive outbreak surveillance, and to improve collaboration.

Markthal in Rotterdam Finally Opens Up

The coolest farmer's market in the world has finally opened up in the Netherlands. Markthal is one of the most ambitious projects every conceived, with relation to a food market. Built to comply with new Dutch laws that require all food to be sold in a closed building, the horseshoe shaped construct is one of the most impressive housings ever conceived for a shopping center.

Jan Hooks Passed Away at 57

I'm a huge SNL fan, have watched every week for about as long as I can remember. The show has been on pretty much my entire life, and it's been a staple of my comedy viewing for about that long as well.

That's why I was deeply saddened to hear about the death of Jan Hooks. A really underrated comedic talent, she was one of the best parts of the show during her years. Contributed to some absolutely hilarious skits that will go down in memory for a very long time.

No word yet on how she died, official reports just say that she passed away.

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