Houston Real Estate Takes A Hit While Commercial Owners Thrive

Houston's once thriving real estate market isn't looking too hot right now. Houston used to have one of the highest real estate markets among large cities, but a number of factors have caused prices to inflate and the number of first-time home buyers to plummet. Many experts initially thought that Houston was on the cusp of a comeback based on first-quarter reports that showed a rise in home purchases. Now, in a short period of time, things have reversed and Houston is considered one of the most "overvalued" market in the nation.

Eucatex Continues Its Global Domination In Wood Flooring Manufacturing

Eucatex is a global corporation that was founded in Brazil in 1951. The company initially started with manufacturing woods, linings and insulation from the pulp of the eucalyptus tree -- hence the company name, Eucatex. It didn't take long for the company to grow in size and products. By the mid 1960s, the company began manufacturing ceiling tiles and installed manufacturing operations in several Brazilian and Venezuelan locations.

Joseph Bismark Himself and His Philosophy

I have read this article on the Joseph Bismark Wordpress and he has said plenty of things that have given me a lot to think about. Among the things that I liked was what he had to say about power. I'll have to get to that later. In his writing, he starts off by saying that he is a businessman that values friendship.

Just Breathe and Be Thankful

In October 2013, Andy Wirth was injured in a skydiving accident. A skydiving landing referred to as a hard landing caused serious injury to his arm. Andy's injuries required immediate surgery and additional surgeries followed.

Beneful Rises About the Rest

In the dog food world it can be tricky to get food that dogs will actually eat. Some dogs will eat anything. Other dogs, like mines, are more selective. I know that I have dogs that will not eat everything, and that is why I buy Beneful for my dogs.

Johnathan Veitch, the President of Occidental College

Jonathan Veitch became the 15th president of Eagle Rock, CA's Occidental College in 2009. Occidental is one of the nation's leading liberal arts colleges with more than 113 years of history. Veitch has been the longest serving president in years. When he was appointed in 2009, he had replaced the 4th president in less than 5 years. Since his arrival, he has proven his selection successfully ended the string of short terms.

Dr. Daniel Amen Has A Holistic Approach to Mind and Body Fitness

One of the most up and coming voices in the nutrition community is Dr. Daniel Amen. While many of the most popular diets of the past few years have involved overeating of certain "miracle" foods or cleanse trends, Dr. Daniel Amen has focused his dietary recommendations on getting back to basics. His plan and recommendations encourage people to eat truly healthy to achieve long-term health for mind and body, not just a few pounds of weight loss. Dr.

Watch What You Are Thinking

It has long been understood that the power of the mind can actually be very beneficial to healing the body but many people do not realize that the mind can actually have the opposite effect. According to CNNtthis ‘nocebo’ effect refers to the belief that negative thinking can actually cause a variety of symptoms that are very real and debilitating.


Ball Boy Controversy

The National Football League and the sports world has been absolutely smashed by the media circus that has been created by the deflate gate case that has taken place regarding the New England Patriots coming under fire for allegedly purposely deflating balls in their game against the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC championship game that would have given them an unfair advantage in a game that they won convincingly.

Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is a hybrid between a legal and financial extraordinaire. So my friend just forwarded me an email with a link to a cnbc article that featured Sam Tabar's investment outlook and advice for 2015. I've been thinking about maybe doing something with the money I've been putting away in a basic savings account for years but haven't known where to start. But this Sam Tabar is a wealth of information.


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